+What is "Line-Kill Spirits"?
This is new type of 3D beat'-em- up game which adopts a rule that requires shooting a glimpse into panty.
The game is called as "DOUJIN soft" and was created by our armature group of game creator.

+System Requirements
Pentium4 1GHz/Memory 256MB/Graphic board that is equivalent to GeForce3 or above/HD space of 170MB or more/Windows98EMeE2000EXP/DirectX9.0 or later version

+How to get this game
This game is for sale. You are not allowed to download.
As they are sold on a commission basis at DOUJIN shop, you are able to buy it through following website.
Please enter English page and search this game by item code "514416".

Manual written in English is also available.
English manual (Download Version)

+Trouble shooting
At first, please confirm whether a graphic board driver is the latest version.
As a product contains relatively new function of DirectX, in many cases, it works properly with updated version of the driver.
Please try to download a driver from website of Graphic chip manufacturer.
*As upgrading a driver entails some risk, please be cautious about it.

When trouble shooting does not work, even if a driver was upgraded, please follow the procedures below. We will check your PC in detail.
+Click StartMenu -> Run...
+Input "dxdiag" and click on OK
+As a dialogue is displayed on screen, click on "Save All Infomation..." which is indicated at lower right.
+Save the file
Please send the data you saved to us via E-mail, along with detailed information on the trouble.
Having looked into the trouble, we will contact you.

Download Ver1.0.0.1Updater
After it takes more than 40 minutes to clear all stages, we could cope with a trouble that a graph continues expanding on screen of comprehensive evaluation.
Please decompress the file and replace C:\Program Files\gspririts_r1\PTFight.exe with new one.

+Screen shot

+Demo movie
Line-Kill Spirits Demo Movie(WMV 9.02MB)
Line-Kill Spirits Demo Movie Part2(WMV 7.28MB)